Hardwood Floor Restoratioin

Restore the Beauty of your Hardwood Floor.

Warmth and beauty are natural characteristics of a wood floor. This type of floor dates back hundreds of years of time and is still a very popular flooring choice today. Carpet Washers Floor Care has the factory trained technicians to keep your floor looking beautiful.

The vast majority of hardwood sold today is finished with a polyurethane coating. This is true whether your floor was sight-finished or pre-finished. Polyurethane provides a durable wear-layer. However it will begin to dull from foot traffic and every day living.

Though a process known as Screen & Re-coat, the original beauty and luster of your hardwood floor can be re-stored. This process is the least expensive way to bring the original shine and luster back in to your floors. This process will not remove the dents, cracks or splinters that may exist with your floor.

Most floors can be screened during a one day period and will be available to live on after 24 hours of curing time.


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