Ultrasonic Cleaning of Your Window Blinds.

Window blinds and shades are the most popular window coverings used today. Over time they will collect dust, smoke, pollen, cooking grease, germs and other contaminants.

Carpet Washers Floor Care uses the unique "Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology" to clean your window blinds. We use a very large immersion tank that works on the same principle as today's small ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.

Unlike convetional cleaning methods, there is no scratching, streaking, smearing or other damage. Ultrasonic blind cleaning cleans the entire blind - slats, ladders, cord and head rail. They come out sparkling clean. Ultrasonic cleaning can also be used for cleaning draperies.

You'll be amazed at how differently your window blinds look when they're cleaned by Carpet Washers Floor Care. They will be as bright and clean as the day they were purchased, except for any existing sun fade.


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